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Anthony Chicotel - California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

Anthony 'Tony' Chicotel

Anthony 'Tony' Chicotel is a staff attorney at California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform. Daily, Tony addresses consumer rights calls and emails, coordinates resident's rights projects, and works on litigation matters.

For Tony, the statewide perspective he gains working at CANHR is also the best part of his work. With this perspective, there are always new challenges to be tackled. And while he also recognizes that working at CANHR reveals the enormous number of problems that must be addressed, Tony matches with those problems with an unrelenting positive attitude. When people ask him how it is he isn't down after working through so many troubling cases, Tony says, "Well, even though the problems exist, at least you're doing something about it."

After earning his bachelor's degree at Muskigum University, Tony went on to earn his J.D. at Ohio State University and his master's in public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. Tony began his career at the Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center, where he worked on patient's rights, and then moved to Elder Law and Advocacy, where he worked on mental health issues. He has been working at CANHR for six years.

Tony says his work at CANHR has made a significant impact on his life. As an attorney, Tony has had much experience interpreting the law, but working at CANHR was the first time he felt as if he really shaped law. At CANHR Tony passed his first bill, SB 781, which is concerned with eviction protection for residents of assisted living facilities. He says he was motivated to work at CANHR because of "the real dedication and passion that CANHR has for promoting a better quality of life for seniors."

Outside of his profession, Tony is quite the athlete. Not only does he love to play (and watch) baseball, Tony can do standing back tucks. And if you ever feel like discussing the founding fathers, Tony's your guy - he's a big American Revolution history buff.

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